Artist Interview

Tarrah Plascencia //

What motivates me to paint the way that I like to paint is
simply “just because”.

Rosalia “Rosie” Stevanovich

Tell us a little bit about yourself? What is your background? And
how does it inform your art?

So I am originally from Apple Valley California. I attended Apple Valley high school (class of 2014), I graduated from Victor Valley community college with my Associates in math and science. I then pushed myself into getting my Mat and Reformer Pilates certification through Balanced Body University. Which has allowed me to instruct Pilates up in Big Bear California, at Big Bear Pilates. In between going to college, I worked a handful of oddball jobs. I worked at a skateboard shop, I was a tutor for the local AVID program at Apple Valley High school, a barista, and wasinstructing snowboarding starting at Mountain High and SnowSummit resorts, and ending up at Big Bear Mountain Resort. Which has now allowed me to become a freestyle snowboard coach for our “Team Bear” program!

Growing up I was surrounded by a lot of creativity at a very young age. My dad played in a punk alternative band called “The Bad Americans” and he introduced me to a variety of music, along with the discipline, patience, consistency, and creativity that it takes to create an authentic and original piece of your own. My mom wasgood at creating these cool punk rock collages for his band, and had a few friends who were also artists, there was always something
being created in front of me. I personally feel like that is why I felt comfortable exploring my artistic side and had enough courage to create something whether it was good or not.

What type of art do you create and what motivates you?

Originally when I started painting it was on old and broken skateboard decks. I currently have over 15 skateboards that I have painted on with acrylics. I also went another direction and painted on a few of my surfboards with acrylic shades of blues and whites. The type of art I create is very bright and colorful. I play around
with thick acrylics, watercolor, and sharpie pens/posca paint pens. Recently I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to paint on a few big walls, so I’ve had a new experience using exterior paint on different types of wall textures! Personally, I love creating a very bright and vibrant background with different hues blended
in. And so far my favorite style has been to do my detail in black or white over the bright background. I instinctually always have a trend of putting different Mandala flowers or mountains in my work. I tend to gravitate towards ocean and sunset colors, I feel that is what makes my art its own because those are the colors that I feel best to exemplify my energy and vibe. What motivates me to paint the way that I like to paint is simply “just because”. I create just because I love falling into a trance painting while listening to my favorite songs.

Just because it makes me feel good, just because I love the process of blending colors, just because I love looking where I started and seeing the outcome, just because I love the challenge and the critical thinking skills that come along with it, and just because I have been given the opportunity to create something for someone else or myself. That in itself is beyond rewarding to me, and motivates and inspires me to create more “just because”.

Tell us about your experience working with The Wild Goose? What were some of the highlights?

My experience working with The Wild Goose Thrift Store was so welcoming and fun!

The owner and her family are so down to earth and were so quick to help me with anything that I needed. I was constantly offered water and food while working and would receive genuine compliments on my work from the start to the end of my project. Those little comments of “It’s looking nice” helped me get through this huge project, and helped me to close my cynical eye that I have towards my own art. Their staff of workers and volunteers were all so kind and very personable! Their energy helped my experience as a painter be that much easier for me to do my job.

I think my favorite part was meeting all of the customers that went to the Wild Goose Thrift store and having the opportunity to chat with them about their experiences in the world today, and exchange smiles and in-person social interaction. Which if you haven’t noticed yet, is kind of A radical act in the world that we live in today. Which makes moments like that even more special for me.